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    Anhydrous Disodium Phosphate ADSP

    Time:2018-04-09 22:21:51   
    Detailed introduction:
    Detailed introduction:
    Chemical formula: Na2HPO4
    Molecular weight: 141.98
    Properties: White powder, hygroscopic, soluble in water, and has a solubility of 51 grams at 100°C. The aqueous solution was slightly alkaline, and the pH of the 1% aqueous solution was 8.8-9.2.

    Technical indicators:

     Index name


     Industrial grade  Gifted class
    White powder
    Main content                                         %≥
     P2O5                                                     %≥
     pH value (1% aqueous solution)
     Water insoluble matter                        %≤
     Heavy metal (Pb)                                 %≤
     Arsenic (calculated as As)                    %≤
    Fluoride (in F)                                        %≤
    Fineness (screened through 60 mesh)  %≥

    Uses: Used for boiler water treatment, as acidity buffer. In the food and feed industry, quality modifiers, pH regulators, etc.
    Packing: plastic outer packing, net weight 25Kg, stored in a dry and ventilated place.

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