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    Water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate APP

    Time:2018-04-09 22:17:53   
    Detailed introduction:
    Detailed introduction:

    Chemical formula: (NH4PO3)n:
    Characters: white, easy to absorb moisture, granular fine powder, stable performance, long-term storage is not degenerate, easy to transport, storage and use. The pH value is neutral, the production is safe and stable, the content of P-N is high, and the proportion is appropriate. The synergy effect is good and the price is suitable.

    Technical indicators:

     Exterior  White granular powder                
     P2O5                                       %  ≥45
     N content                               %  ≥24
     pH value (1% aqueous solution)  7.5±1.0
     Fineness  40 mesh


    Uses: High solubility, can be formulated as 20% P-N smother liquid, used alone or in combination with textile, paper, fiber, wood flame retardant treatment. After special treatment, it can be formulated into high concentration flame retardant liquid up to 50% to meet the flame retardant requirements for special production.
    Packing: Inner plastic outer packing, net weight 25Kg per bag, storage, ventilated and dry place.

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