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    Sodium hexametaphosphate SHMP

    Time:2018-04-09 21:50:45   
    Detailed introduction:

    Detailed introduction:

    Chemical formula: (NaPO3)6
    Molecular weight: 611.82
    Executive Standard: HG/T2837-1997 
    Properties: White powder, specific gravity 2.484 (20°C), soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, strong hygroscopicity, gradually viscous in the air, can be with Ca, Ba, Mg, Cu, Fe and other metals Ions form soluble chelates and are an excellent water treatment agent.
    Technical indicators:

    No.  Index name  Industrialgrade Giftedclass
     1 Total phosphate (calculated as P2O5  %≥  68.0  68.0
     2 Inactivephosphate(calculatedasP2O5) %≤  7.5  7.5
    Iron (Fe)                                                 %≤
     0.05  0.05
     4  pH value (1% aqueous solution)  5.8-7.3  5.8-6.5
     5 Solubility    qualified  qualified
     6 Heavy metal (Pb)                                 %≤  -  0.001
     7 Arsenic (calculated as As)                     %≤  -  0.0003
     8 Fluoride (in F)                                       %≤  -  0.003
     9 Water insoluble matter                        %≤  0.05  0.06


    Uses: used in oil field, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, leather, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, as softeners, buffers, flotation agents, dispersants, high temperature bonding agent. In the food industry, it is used as an additive, a nutrient, a quality improver, a pH adjuster, a metal ion chelator, a binder, an expansive agent, and the like.
    Packing: inner plastic outer (double inner film), net weight 25, 50, 1000 kg, stored in a dry and ventilated place.

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