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  • Hello, welcome to Sichuan Shifang Chuhong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. official website.
    0838-2569019 0838-8266178
    18081236110 13881062286
    company culturecurrent location:About > company culture
    Our mission: to provide our customers with the best products and services to contribute a better  life of  mankind.
    Our vision: Make "Chuan Hong" brand famous in the world.
    Chuanhong Values: Pursue excellence, win-win cooperation, respect the value and creativity of  employees, let companies and employees grow together, and chemical companies that protect the  environment and do green environmental protection contribute to the advancement of human  civilization.
    Our spirit: Chuanhong Chemical,to really sincere.
    Hotline:0838-2569019  18081236110  0838-8266178  13881062286
    Address:No. 477 Mount Lu North Road, Deyang, hope city, Fortune Center, block A, room 1003.